The new Friend…

It all begins when the sun just clinched the tip of the mountains nearby by home and the golden rays lavished the moments.

Today, I had a thought to do something different from regular mornings so i decided to take some photographs . I took some of them and suddenly came across this one.

When i saw it for the first time, i immediately decided YES this one is the today’s diamond.

Pets ,the beautiful friends of a human especially are found to be good when they are of balanced nature. The dogs and the children form the perfect bond with each other and both can be linked as the two sides of a coin.

I felt that we as humans have been given special gifts by the nature so we need to feel the responsibilities also.

it would be very good if we do good to ourselves and others as well because this is the only thing which defines us.

love animals and treat them good.

Remember one thing that we are superior to them only for a reason.

Be kind…


The journey day

The night was very cold as the winters were onn ,In the morning the window glass was very cold,when i first saw the sky it had few cloudy lines which were causing a disturbance and doubt in my mind.

I could feel the snow which brought the cold breeze towards my home which came like a beautiful feeling of the winters but was bothering me a lot as i had planned to travel a lot on that day. I was very flumsy at the time and different thoughts were there in my mind but it felt like someone was holding me and poured me with an inspiration and i woke up enthusiastically and started my day.

Everything was shattered around and i didn’t even had a travelling ticket on my hand and it was again disturbing me.

I immediately inquired but the contact was not in my favour. I was scared but was still trying to convince myself with that one thought which was very much famous in our school days”Always trust the almighty”

Time was on its peak speed and was running like a bullet at that time and i felt like i could be shot anytime 😞

after all my packing was done i reached the station and got into the train without any pre reservation.

People were talked about the urgency and limited seats in the train,as i was not having one so i was clumsy again.

i didnt knew what to do suddenly an old wise man came and hugged me tighly and said that “This is your ticket wise man” though i was very happy but shocked as well i couldn’t ever had any word to say my tounge got stuck and i was in tears. The tears came down to my hand and it was the moment of joy. That old man was nobody except God.

I was very happy of everything happening with me and i reached my destination safely. That day i realised the value of patience in my life as it was the day that built me as an individual.

Or clearly speaking it was the day of my very First joining.

God is within you my friend, when you believe in yourself,you believe in god.

The million expectations shattered in a second

The person had to share everything with the person he cared the most but he hardly knew that his steps were going to bring himself down to the lower tread of his staircase.

Being an optimist he never looked on the dark side of his love though there were many occasions that made him think like a teenaged lover,he still continued his efforts in the same direction and the night passes.

Everyday he used to look up for her in the same 5″ screen which made him very obsolete in his emotions

The same routine might continue for next few days, years or may be generations.

The only thing i want to conclude that even if there are millions of reasons for the denial or negligence there is still hope for a single reason for which a person holds his emotions so tightly….

story continues…..